The Eagle Flies

Cleopatra Bysbys sat on the park bench, her walking cane draped across her lap. Her wraparound sunglasses hid her eyes, which gazed into the distance, yet her sight was fixed inward. 

The sun beat down on her saggy skin, but Cleopatra, always a fright to behold, cared not. She paid no attention to the sunshine, nor the birds, nor the squirrels scuttling about her bony legs. Her wild hair fell over her jutting clavicles, and sitting so still and frozen, she looked like the pharaohs of old.   

Cleopatra Bysbys often trudged the lengthy walk from her rickety old house to the city park, both out of boredom and mischief. Spring had arrived; porch pirates didn’t hunt for free presents anymore, so her chances of a hearty laugh out of her aerie had dwindled. 

People were out and about, and Cleopatra, using her inner sight like invisible tentacles, glimpsed into their lives and delved for their deepest secrets. All their little peccadilloes in her grasp. A young man caught her attention, and she sniggered. She gripped her cane. 

The young man carried a doggie bag from a fancy restaurant; his eyes twinkled with witchy delight. He strutted down the footpath and would soon be upon the blind, ugly scrag of a woman on a bench. He sneered; today was a wonderful day and nothing could bring down his mood. He’d just clinched the deal of the century and stood to swim in moolah. Oh yeah, life was peachy keen, jelly bean. Plus, the little side gig… 

He strode past the bench; the cane on the witch’s lap swerved and whacked him between the ankles. An instant of confusion passed in slow motion as his feet lifted off the ground, the doggie bag flew and terra firma rose to kiss him. 

He spat and sputtered blood and pebbles and tried to stand. Cleopatra—half cackling—repeated raspy and empty apologies. She struggled to untangle and retrieve her cane but smacked him on the ankles, calves and shins instead. 

The young man, angry and frustrated, kicked the cane away. 

“You stupid old bitch!” He yelled. 

Cleopatra Bysbys sobered her expression and lowered her sunglasses. When her icy blue eyes glared at him, he froze. 

“Fuck off, you embezzling shithead,” she growled.

The young man blanched; with eyes like saucers, he wiped his bloody mouth and staggered to his feet. He hesitated, the little hamster in his brain churning away as a million thoughts flew. How did she know?

No matter; his expression darkened. He drew back his fist to punch the putrid hag. A searing pain burst on his knuckles as Cleopatra swatted the fist away. She pointed her cane at his throat and glared at him, her lips drawn into a defying smirk and cool as a cucumber.  

“Fuck you!” He showed her his palms and scampered away. 

Cleopatra Bysbys leaned back on the bench, cane draped across her lap and sight inward. She sneered. She wouldn’t miss that young man’s perp walk on the evening news for the world.


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