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He bows his head against the howling wind and pulls his collar up around his ears. Thunder rumbles overhead, reminiscent of the booming cannons. He wills himself to stay in the moment, as fat raindrops fall. He wipes his weary eyes and fixes his gaze on the road ahead.

The house appears out of the stormy gloom; a light shines in the window. He smiles with relief. He approaches and sees her beautiful silhouette. His lips quiver with the happiness and relief of home. He has cherished her image these long years of battle, and relishes in the prospect of her loving arms around him.

Thunder cracks, and a spark of light flashes before his eyes. 

A pang of sharp pain snakes through his body. He feels woozy, and he falls with a hard thud on the stoop. 

He blinks as the stinging rain pelts his eyes. 

A man looms over him in the dim light.

A revolver points at his head. 

His eyes widen one last time. 

She pulls the trigger.

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