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"Abyss" is a Flash Fiction story based on TAROCCHI DELL’OLIMPO: Ace of Chalices


The man stood on the cliff’s edge silhouetted by a crimson sky, while far below, dark inky waves licked the crag. Silky tears flowed from the man’s eyes, down his body and onto the smooth black rock. Blood beams shooting across the blazing sky shone on these tear-rivers as they oozed downwards into the deep ocean.

The man gazed into this bottomless sea; sorrow clung to the fiery sky, loneliness gripped the smooth black precipice and melancholy flooded the blood-rivers that seeped into the hopeless ocean. The man spread his arms and gazed at the sky; a crimson ray gleamed on his shadowed face and defined Tom’s features, frozen in abject despair. A silent scream ripped Tom’s gaping mouth as he tilted forward into the abyss, and…

Jason gasped awake. Silver moonlight streamed through the window, and dread grasped his thumping heart. Panting, he reached for the phone to call his brother. Angst choked Jason’s words as he told Tom that he loved him, and that he was never alone.

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