"Charioteer" is Flash Fiction story based UNIVERSAL WAITE TAROT: VII The Chariot


He entered my life with the force of a turbulent hurricane; beautiful and powerful, like the sun, impossible to look away and yet too dangerous to behold. But he outshone even the sun, and I oscillated within the spectrum of fascination: now enthralled, now aghast, now amazed, now appalled. 

That this magnificent being deemed to acknowledge me, a mouse before a lion, filled me with a pride and joy I had never known in my plain and boring life. In his presence I tasted danger, and I loved it. I tried to see beyond the radiance, but my eyes were ill-equipped, and so I spent my days lost in a dream, meandering in a haze of wonder and newfound adventure.

Then the dream exploded, and the nightmare began in a raging whirlwind of glass and metal and fire and thunder, and the overturned car at the bottom of a ravine.

I watch him now through the eternal haze of my existence. The radiance still peeks out from his piercing eyes, though now infrequent and languid. I will forever stay in that ravine and fixed in eternal youth, but dark streaks line his craggy face, and despair and misery and trashed dreams dance upon his irises. My flimsy existence offers no comfort, only regret, and we remain devoted to one another in the deep crevices of his murky mind. 

Melancholy darkens his face as he wheels himself into his gloomy house, where we will always ponder what might have been.


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