Rust: A Novel



Jack Adams is a young writer whose career is taking off and he can finally afford to own a home. He buys the Jenkins house in Peaceville thinking it is the house of his dreams. It’s perfect for him, close to the city, but isolated by the woods. It offers him the peace and tranquility he seeks.

Too bad it’s haunted.

Jack must now face his worst fear in his own home. The ghosts of the slain Jenkins family will not rest until their murderer is brought to justice and everyone is safe from harm.

In order to stop the haunting Jack decides to find the killer.

His journey takes him from the quiet woods of Peaceville, Massachusetts to the shores of the tiny town of Osprey Cove in Maine, where he meets new friends, connects on a deeper level with old ones, encounters deadly enemies and attempts to bring peace to the souls of an entire family wiped out in cold blood.

Jack learns that he is not as alone as he thinks and that love, family and friendship are bonds that not even death can sever.

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