Welcome to my blog!

Every Friday I pull out a Tarot card from the different decks I own and write a flash fiction story inspired by the image.

I hope you enjoy!

I welcome all constructive feedback and criticism, so please feel free to comment.


¡Bienvenidos a mi blog!

Cada viernes saco una carta de mis diferentes tarots y escribo una historia de ficción breve, un microrrelato inspirado en la imagen.

¡Espero que lo disfruten!

Agradezco los comentarios y críticas constructivas. Por favor, si gustan, comenten.


Tag: gothic fiction

  • Zoetrope


    Zoe opened her eyes and listened for the sounds of the night, but heard only the dormant silence of the world in darkness. The sky beyond her window glowed with a silvery light that oozed through the glass, crawled up her bedspread and then cast shadows upon the opposite bedroom wall. Zoe turned onto her…

  • UNIVERSAL WAITE TAROT: III of Coins + King of Swords

    UNIVERSAL WAITE TAROT: III of Coins + King of Swords

    Artemis Artie gazed at the ruins with the twisted tree. The roof had crumbled long ago; only the walls remained with the simple decaying arch for an entrance. A dead tree stood in the middle, and Artie wondered how it came to be there. Was the structure built around the tree? Or did the tree…